The joy of tires


Psalm 104:24-33

File:Gombak Malaysia Tyre-repair-shop-01.jpg31May the glory of the LORD endure forever;
may the LORD rejoice in his works.

Some years ago in Michigan I came out of church on a cold and wet wintry evening and one of my tires was flat. One of the nice things about ministry among auto workers was that guys had it fixed before I got to the car. I needed new tires, they said. And one young woman said “I know a guy” and set me up to get tires cheaply.

I met the guy a few days later on a cold – and now snowing – wet winter evening at one of those storage facilities. As I drove up I began to wonder whether I was about to purchase hot tires, but he was a guy trying to start his own tire business, with a plan to get a place of his own. He had a large unit, the size of a garage with two bays, and the place was packed with tires. What I will always remember was his complete joy in automobile tires. The place was not only filled with tires to sell, but he had a private collection of tires – as one would collect shot glasses or hockey memorabilia. While his compatriot fixed my car, he gave me a quick course in tires, showing me the different types, explaining the numbers and ratings, talking about their history, it was amazing. He loved tires. He loved his work.

“May the LORD rejoice in his works.”

What an interesting prayer it is for us to ask that God would take joy in his work, for God to delight in the world he has made and his work of sustaining and renewing it.

We say people should follow their bliss, but what happens if you lose your passion? What happens if tire after tire should be defective? What happens if they lose any aesthetic quality? Consider what it would mean for the tires to pray that this guy never lose joy in his work?

God delights in the beauty and wonder of his creation. And it is easy for us to see when we are standing amidst majestic mountains or golden prairies. What happens when God stands on oil-stained beaches or blood-soaked sands?

This is an important prayer: “Do not lose your joy in us, O God.”

It should inspire us to be worthy of that joy.

Photo: © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / , via Wikimedia Commons

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