The Breath of God

Watching for the morning of January 11

The Baptism of Our Lord

Original painting by C. O'Neal

Original painting by C. O’Neal

Some thirty years have passed from the nativity stories of the angels, shepherds and magi that have occupied our attention these last two weeks. Now Jesus steps out onto the public stage. But in the Gospel of Mark, there have been no nativity stories. For Mark it all begins with the witness of scripture, the prophetic ministry of John, and the appearance of the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus. The coming one, who would immerse the world in the Spirit, is come.

This mighty breath/wind/Spirit of God dominates our readings this Sunday. Although our translation of the first reading says that “a wind from God” swept over the chaotic primeval waters, the word in Hebrew and the ancient Greek is ‘spirit’. At the beginning of the creation, when the world was called into being, the Spirit of God was present.

John promises that the one to come will pour out the Spirit upon us – and in Jesus’ baptism, the heavens are rent and the Spirit descends.

And Paul comes upon a dozen believers in Ephesus who know the baptism of John but not the baptism into Christ that pours out the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit in creation, the Spirit upon Jesus, the Spirit upon us. The breath of God. The United States is not one of those cultures that believes you should stand close enough to one with whom you are speaking as to be able to smell their breath – we are very self-conscious about our breath – but there is something powerful in the image that we should stand close enough to God as to share his breath. Even better, that God stands close enough to us that we can share breath.

The Prayer for the Baptism of Our Lord, January 11, 2015

Heavenly Father, Eternal God, Holy and Gracious One:
in the waters of the River Jordan
you anointed Jesus with your Holy Spirit
and declared him your beloved Son.
Make all the earth radiant with your glory
and pour out upon all your children
the abundance of your Holy Spirit;
through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.

The Texts for January 11, 2015

First Reading: Genesis 1:1-5
“Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good.” – The opening words of that profound vision of God creating a good and ordered world, assembled by a people who have lived through the chaos of war, social disintegration, famine and the destruction of their nation.

Psalmody: Psalm 29
“The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; the Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.” – Using the imagery of a thunderstorm coming off the Mediterranean Sea and rising over Mount Hermon, the poet proclaims the power of God’s Word.

Second Reading: Acts 19:1-7
“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers?” – Paul connects with disciples in Ephesus who knew only the baptism of John.

Gospel: Mark 1:1-11
“In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan.”
– The Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus in his baptism and God declares him God’s ‘Son’.


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