You plural

Sunday Evening

Matthew 5 - Version 414 “You are the light of the world.

You.  You plural.  You the community of Jesus’ followers.  You the community claimed by God, brought out of bondage into freedom, called from Haran to be a blessing.  You the body of Christ.  You the ecclesia, the called out ones – you are the light of the world.

Yes, individually we are light bearers.  Yes, individually, we are agents of compassion and justice in the world, mediators of God’s healing.  And yet not alone.  Together.  Each with our own ministries, but united in ministry.

Flaming branches brought together burn brightly.  Alone, they go out.  Together they summon ships and armies and rowdy teens before the big game.  Alone they flicker and perish.

Christ is the fire.  We are the charcoal.  Together we burn brightly enough for the feast of God.  Alone we sit in the bag.

You plural.  You together.  A fire that spreads.  Light and life for a cold and dark world.  Joy.  Service.  Justice.  Love.  Healing.  Friendship.  Help.  Laughter.  Shared burdens.  Together a blazing fire.

A fire which is Christ.  The dawning of God’s reign.


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