Does not Wisdom call?


Proverbs 8

1Does not wisdom call,
     and does not understanding raise her voice?

It is not God’s way to leave us in our ignorance.  We may choose to stop learning, but God never ceases to call.  God never ceases to invite.  The creation around us, the Spirit of God woven into the fabric of existence, begs for us to understand.  The little child asks “Why?” and every answer engenders a new “Why?”  Sometimes it drives us crazy and we resort to that authoritative parental “Because” – or, “Because I said so” – but the questioning, the seeking, the searching for understanding, is woven into the warp and woof of our being.

I don’t know why we stop seeking and growing and learning, but some people do.  “I know what I believe, do not confuse me with the facts.”   We have made it easier in our time to get the “facts” you want from the news you want.  There’s a channel or a magazine or a website for everyone now.  Think tanks used to think, now they advocate for a position already decided upon.  And pat religious answers seem to stop all intelligent thought about the wonder and mystery of God and life.

Maybe there is something in our DNA that inclines us to stop thinking, stop learning, stop growing.  If so, it is not from God.  Wisdom calls to us.  The universe sends out its siren voice summoning to understand.  There is truth awaiting us.

And we have a choice whether or not to listen.


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