Watching for the morning of May 19

Year C

The Day of Pentecost

At Sinai God appeared amidst fire and cloud and a shaking mountain and spoke to a people gathered out from slavery in Egypt.  The Feast of Pentecost, fifty days after Passover, remembered this great, earthshaking and history-transforming event.  Luke takes advantage of all the symbolic power of that day to tell his account of the giving of the Holy Spirit, where amidst the roar of a mighty wind/breath/spirit and the sight of fire God speaks not just to Israel, but to people gathered from every nation.

We come this day, not to remember an event from the past, but to ask God to renew in us his Holy Spirit and commission us anew for our task of bearing witness to the reign of God dawning in Christ Jesus.

Prayer for May 19, 2013

O God of every nation,
who by the breath of your Spirit gave life to the world
and anointed Jesus to bring new birth to all:
breathe anew upon us
and upon all who gather in your name,
that in every place and to all people
we may proclaim your wondrous work

The Texts for May 19, 2013

Pentecost Reading: Acts 2:1-21 (The outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost)
First Reading: Genesis 11:1-9 (The tower of Babel, where humanity’s rebellion leads to the confusion of language)
Psalmody: Psalm 104:24-31 (The Spirit/Breath of God that renews the earth)
Second Reading: Romans 8:14-17 (As adopted children of God, we have received the Holy Spirit that cries “Abba! Father!”)
Gospel: John 14:8-17 [25-27] (Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit)


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